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Comparable Brazilian language software

What if I told you that it is important to use repetition when learning a new, foreign language? Well, the fact of the matter is, this is how the majority of us, at least those of us here on planet earth, learn to communicate as a child. We learn by hearing sounds over and over from our parents.

Brazilian on the beach

And did you also know that, when we learn to speak as infants, we often associate images with words & vise versa? (and because of this, there exists the need for flashcards). Once upon a time, I used a program that uses all these important resources of language learning softwares and applications. This program uses a new kind of technology called "Speech Recognition" (which will allow you to perfect your pronunciation) and the use of flash cards as well.


What made me such a language learning "Guru?"

In case you might have been thinking to yourself, "What makes him such an expert to educate me?" Ok, here we go... I lived, for many years, in the country of Brazil; incidentally, I have plenty of documented experience, in which I share on my website, The Brazilian Language. And so, I think I have room - figuratively speaking - to share this info with you guys out there. I spent much of my days, in Brazil, making trips to the stores, conversing with the local people, or chatting with my wife and/or her family. So, it's kind of hard NOT to learn anything. And for me, being a brain dead loser growing up in high school, this is a major accomplishment - with a capital A. And, some of those conversations were related to matters of significance, personal problems, marital issues? Wait a minute here ... Why am I telling you about my personal life? Well, you get the point right? So, yeah, I even attended a school for a short while during my stay in Brazil. Imagine that. Was a dope in high school then went to Brazil and continued my education in a foreign school, while learning another language? My point is this. If you immerse yourself with the sights and sounds of the country, you will learn the language whether you want to or not. It just comes naturally my friend. But, also, what I am trying to say is, you don't have to live in Brazil - like I did - to learn a language well. So why not bring Brazil home to you? (if Brazilian Portuguese is your bag) Yeah, that beautiful Brazilian woman wearing brilliant clad and dancing to Samba during Brazil's most sought after event of the year - Carnaval? or if your of the female persuasion, could be the hunk Novela star all the ladies are ranting about - sorry ladies. Did not mean to leave you out.

So tell me already about the program

First, let me explain what it is that makes this language software program run. This software uses a "Declarative First" approach when it comes to learning the Portuguese language (or any other language for that matter). So what do I mean by "Declarative First?"... well, the "hot shots" who research language learning studies know that there are two important factors that contribute to successfully learning language and those two would be declarative memory and procedural memory. Exactly what are these? Hey? I just work here. These factors allow people to learn, retain, and produce language. The main focus of this program is learning vocabulary as opposed to learning grammar and sentence structure. And, to learn a new language this way has been proven more effective than trying to remember all the boring rules of the language. Ugg! Who needs the stuff anyways? Did I forget to mention that language learning can be fun? Yeah, and remember that beautiful Brazilian? You can have a party on the beach after learning Brazilian Portuguese. This program I am talking about is Transparent. Go check em out. Take it for a test spin.


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