Wednesday, October 9, 2013

David's Life in Brazil

So, have your plans for a new life ever focused on Brazil? My article today will focus on David's life in Brazil - a man who sacrificed the life he knew in the USA for a change in Brazil.

The Story of David

David's story begins when, in 2008, he visited the city of Rio de Janeiro. David fell in love with the country and its people. He met his wife in Rio. She helped him learn the language. However, David did not entirely give up his way of life in America from the first moment. For him, Brazil was an on-again off-again type of affair. He rented an apartment in Rio with his wife. It was a relatively small dwelling, with around 15 units. He only lived there for about the first 4 months. He moved back to the United Stats afterwards to go back to work for his former employer.

During his second stint in Brazil, he opened a business with his wife. He had saved enough money from working in the USA to buy the equipment he would need. You could say that David's business helped the inner city youth by giving them a place off the streets to engage their minds through video games.

All in all, he 6 Xbox 360's and 6 Playstation units. At certain times of the day, all would remain occupied at the same time. The business was flourishing. To help save for their house in Brazil, David and his wife (Renata) slept at their place of business. Renata's parents just lived a few blocks away from the business. So, they could get some decent meals and a shower on a daily basis. David and Renata lived like this for 6 months before they moved in to their new house. This time, David stayed in Brazil for, more or less, 3 years.

He returned to the United States to go back to work one more time with his old job. But, because of the bad US economy, it would be more difficult for him. He worked for 1 year trying to save for his life with Renata - who was waiting for him back in Rio. But he did not accumulate the savings he was looking for. He knew there was only one thing for him to do - return to the life he loved and missed.

And, this day, David is back in Brazil living with his wife - where he knows he belongs. Why not? he owns his own house. How many people can say they own their home? The life in Brazil is good. It's a simple life. The people are very friendly and sociable. The sun shines most everyday, the beaches are pleasant, and the cost of living is affordable.

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