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The Brazilian Language

In this article, you are going to learn about the evolution of Brazilian Portuguese, characteristics of the language, a little about the grammar and how you can learn the Brazilian Portuguese language. This could be a huge benefit for those seeking to learn for the first time.

The Evolution Of The Brazilian Language And How To Learn It

There are some set of dialects which are readily used in the Brazilian language. Due to the relative novelty of the language and government support it enjoys, this language is spoken by almost all the natives of Brazil and Brazilian immigrants in the US, Japan, Paraguay, and Portugal. There is a slight difference in Portuguese as compared to Portuguese.

The Brazilian Language in due course has been influenced by many languages like Amerindian language, various African languages and lexicons from Topi-Guarani and Yoruba Origin.

  • Brazilian Language is a popular dialect spoken by natives and immigrants from Brazil.
  • It is influenced by many other languages too.
  • Characteristics of Portuguese

    The influence of Portuguese has been going on for years. The Brazilian taught in the schools of Brazil was based on the Portuguese standards and even the writers and the professors of Brazil modeled the Portuguese writers. As far as the spoken English was concerned, there was considerable influence of Portuguese accent on the Brazilian language. Brazilian actors could be seen working in Portuguese Cinema and vice-versa. In formal writings also many Brazilian authors have got literary awards in Portuguese.

    Peculiarity of Portuguese

    • The conjugation begins with relative clauses
    • Lack of third person object pronouns, replaced by respective personal pronouns
    • Lack of second person verb forms
    • Lack of relative pronouns

    Grammar of Portuguese

    It is a topic prominent language. There is an extensive use of sentences with topics. It is done by turning an object or verb in a sentence to external comments. There is an increased use of progressive verbs and you will rarely find a present continuous construct. Brazilian Portuguese language follows the classical Portuguese form of continuous expression.

    Brazilian Portuguese language is sometimes similar to European Portuguese and sometimes retains the essence of Portuguese. There is a clear resemblance of lexicons and syllables, but at times some of the rules do not follow. The reduction of the vowel sound in Portuguese language is adapted by the Brazilian Portuguese language, but is more frequently pronounced.

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    Where to learn the Brazilian Portuguese Language?

    There are various methods by which you can learn this language. There are online and offline courses available which teaches the Brazilian Portuguese language. Learning Brazilian Portuguese has now been made easy as there are many online resources on hand, free of cost which you can use to learn the language. Those who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese language can also learn Portuguese without much effort.

    The online resources contain Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary collections, videos, and online language courses. This language can be learnt at a basic, intermediate, or advanced level. The courses are available as classroom programs. Various videos and tutorials are also available on video streaming websites which can be consulted in the process of learning Brazilian Portuguese. Those who have already learned Portuguese will find the language much simpler.

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