Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Listening Skills - A Fundamental Element of Language Learning

Your listening skills are what you will eventually acquire learning to speak a language. Find out how to improve your language learning upon having read: Listening skills - a fundamental element of language learning. Upon having read: Listen skills - a fundamental element of language learning, you will understand what it takes to learn a language.

Listening Skills - Your listening skills are what you will eventually acquire learning to speak a language. Through listening to native speakers of your target language converse, you will develop an important element in language learning that will enable you to understand oral communication. This is a fundamental element of the language learning process. Fundamental because: you will not understand what is being spoken without it. Kind of like the melody of a favorite tune. At first, it's just a new song. But as time progresses and you listen more and more, you grow more accustomed to the melody and are able to duplicate the melody in your head. It does not matter if you know every word that exists in a foreign language. Without good listening skills, you will not pick up much of what is being spoken.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Listening Skills? - Everyone is different. Some people will pick it up in no time; where as, for others, it may take longer. Myself - it has taken longer. But I have a bit of a lazy approach when it comes to accessing new information. So, it depends on how much effort and time you are willing to sacrifice. Word by word, you will begin to visualize the "whole picture". Think of it like a puzzle slowly being pieced together.

6 Tips to Good Language Learning Listening Skills

1. Watch foreign movies often - The next time you rent a video from Netflix, think about something dubbed in the target language of your choice. They usually come with subtitles. So, you won't be totally at a loss.

2. Pick up some audio lessons at your local public library - Some of the larger cities usually contain a substantial selection of audio materials in which to listen.

3. Listen to foreign songs - If your target language happens to be Brazilian Portuguese, you couldn't possibly ask for a larger selection of good music to choose.

4. Watch Youtube videos - There are plenty of those to choose from online these days. Just "Google" your preferred language.

5. Join a conversation between native speakers - Look for organizations in your area such as Meetups. They usually organize meetings in your local area where you will be able to find native speakers.

6. Practice listening to your partner - You and your language learning partner have a perfect opportunity to hone your listening skills.

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