Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Great Reasons Why You Should Be Learning The Brazilian Portuguese Language

I will make it easy for you to decide which language to choose. My article "Five Great Reasons Why You Should Be Learning The Brazilian Portuguese Language", will give you the knowledge to make an informed decision.

One activity that can be very exciting is learning to speak another language. Despite the possibility of learning the language being challenging, the reasons for learning a new language can be very rewarding. The only problem is: there are so many languages to learn. Which one shall I choose? I am here to pass on to you some reasons why you should learn Brazilian Portuguese. After having read my article, I am sure you will be picking up that "How to Learn the Portuguese Language" book.

It is interesting to note that Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world. What does that mean? it means that nearly two hundred fifty two million people speak this language every day. After having learned to speak this great language, you will have the skills to communicate with a lot more people, and it is true that the Portuguese language is close to the Spanish dialect. You are not only learning a new language, you are learning two languages.

This unique nomenclature is spoken in 11 countries out of the 4 continents, and it is being accepted by more and more people each and every day. This is why, in some parts of the world - such as the beautiful tourist city of Rio de Janeiro - they are improving their relationship with America and Europe in the business of importing and exporting. And this equates to more employment opportunities for me and you, beyond being a pleasure to learn.

By the way, since I am talking about careers, learning Portuguese opens up other career possibilities. The door remains open to those who speak more than one language. what kind of careers? Well, for starters, education, tourism and research. Not to mention those careers involving international trade. It is a fact, as stated by UNESCO, that the Portuguese language will be that choice language of an estimated 3 hundred and 35 million people around the world. To learn Brazilian Portuguese now increases your advancement over those who don't.

Have I still not made a believer out of you? Are you still thinking "Sounds like a difficult language to learn"? The fact is, it is not difficult to learn. Anyone can learn to speak the language given the right tools and resources. Especially when you consider the difficulty levels in languages like Korean or Mandarin.

To learn a new oral communication opens up a new and exciting world. For instance, you will be able to enjoy the Portuguese culture at its fullest. And speaking of the Portuguese culture, how about a trip to Portugal?

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